Nails technology
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Manicurist Examination 1

Choose the test by :  -  Questions :
  • 01The white spot at the free edge of the artificial nail tip is:
  • 02A manicurist license entitles the license to do all except one of the following:
  • 03While cutting excess cuticle around the nail, you accidentally cut the client’s skin so that it bleed. What should you use to stop this bleeding?
  • 04What do you use mending paper for?
  • 05What is the contraindication for application of artificial nails on a customer who never wear artificial nails before?
  • 06If the client has callous, which instrument should not be used?
  • 07To save an emery board in a plastic bag for each client after service, due to the growth of:
  • 08Warming the solvent to 105 degrees speeds removal time for removing artificial nail enhancement by
  • 09What do you need to do before doing an artificial nail?
  • 10What do you use to wipe (to clean) the manicure table?
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