Nails technology
They have to be learned nothing, and forgotten nothing.
Chevalier De Panat

Manicurist Examination 1

Choose the test by :  -  Questions :
  • 01Structures that are appendage to the skin are, hair, sweat glands, oil glands and:
  • 02To remove callous skin during a pedicure, use buffer with?
  • 03What kind of curing agent do you use when applying gel nails?
  • 04A person with manicuring license s allowed to work with;
  • 05If you want to take off acrylic nails you should:
  • 06A dry nail polish ( paste or powder ) is best for the nails that are:
  • 07Patron will respect and be loyal to a manicurist who is:
  • 08Why do you have to fill acrylic nails?
  • 09To remove artificial nail, what do you use?
  • 10To avoid responsibility of client’s allergy to a product, you have to:
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