Nails technology
They have to be learned nothing, and forgotten nothing.
Chevalier De Panat

Manicurist Examination 1

Choose the test by :  -  Questions :
  • 01Watery blisters and thick white skin between the toes are signs of:
  • 02The active agent in nail bleach is usually:
  • 03The manicurist can help in protecting the client’s health by conducting the best:
  • 04When an accident happens during manicuring, three percent solution peroxide can be used for:
  • 05In order to apply the artificial nails, what do you use to roughen the surface of the nail?
  • 06Why do you have to file acrylic nails when it dries?
  • 07Where can you find out the safety information of the product?
  • 08What kind of chemical do you use to remove old polish for customer who has artificial nails?
  • 09You can eat your lunch:
  • 10What is the chemical structure of acrylic liquid?
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