Nails technology
To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.

Practice Nails Test 1

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  • 01When applying primer, if the primer contacts the client's skin, what will happen to them?
  • 02According to the regulations, where should you store sanitized implements?
  • 03How can you treat Leukonychia nails?
  • 04A 1/8 of a fabric that can be used to strengthen a weak point on the nail is called?
  • 05Acrylic nails can be done on?
  • 06The blood supplied to the nails comes from?
  • 07What should you do if your client has fortified nails?
  • 08Why shouldn't you file the client's nails after they've been soaked in water?
  • 09How are paper wraps different?
  • 10What are Cocci, Bacilli, and Spirilla?
  • 11Can you perform a pedicure on a client who has ingrown toenails?
  • 12What is the metatarsal scissors?
  • 13When doing manicure, how do you place the client's cushion?
  • 14When gluing a tip on, what should you do if an air bubble appears?
  • 15The disease AIDS is caused by a
  • 16What is the most common infection spread in the salon?
  • 17What is the purpose of having ventilation system in a salon?
  • 18How should you apply cuticle oil and lotion?
  • 19The basic chemistry of acrylic nails is?
  • 20How often should you change the disinfectant solution?
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