Nails technology
I am not ashamed to confess that I am ignorant of what I do not know.

Practice Nails Test 1

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  • 01What chemical agents are safe to use on the skin?
  • 02If bleeding occurs during, manicure what should you do?
  • 03Why shouldn't you file the client's nails after they've been soaked in water?
  • 04How should you apply cuticle oil and lotion?
  • 05Antiseptic foot spray and antibacterial soap are examples of what?
  • 06When gluing a tip on, what should you do if an air bubble appears?
  • 07How can you remove tips?
  • 08How are paper wraps different?
  • 09The basic chemistry of acrylic nails is?
  • 10Who is responsible for obeying the State Law about sanitizing?
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